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The creation of the Ecrin Blanc brand is a combination of the professional qualities of two great names: Renaud Chevallier, for the architecture and Fabien Bonicel for the commercial side.
These key players in their respective fields have worked together to create unique architectural buildings: luxury chalets in the mountains.

Les acteurs de la réussite

Renaud Chevallier

On the one hand, Renaud Chevallier, architect, who studied at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and then at the Pratt Institute in New York. Renaud combines the warmth of vernacular materials and contemporary forms. His savoir-faire, recognizable by all, gives these chalets the prestige they deserve.

Fabien Bonicel

On the other hand, Fabien Bonicel. Fabien gives the Ecrin Blanc brand the image that suits it. His skills in the fields of communication, finance, real estate and marketing give Ecrin Blanc the upmarket chalet signature that it deserves.

 “An emphasis on light, a combination of wood/metal and glass, offering a harmonious and environmentally friendly blend for an incomparable work of art.”

Why use Ecrin Blanc?

The brand ” Ecrin Blanc ” allows:
  • to search for premium sites in the mountains for the enhancement of exceptional chalets
  • to adapt this exceptional site to a personalized and unique project
  • a very contemporary architectural feasibility marked by the signature of Mr Renaud CHEVALLIER, co-owner of the Brand, also respecting the architectural codes of the mountain chalet
  • budgetary feasibility and planning with exceptional services using the savoir-faire and skills of Mr Fabien BONICEL, co-owner of the brand.
  • to submit a turnkey delivered project.

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